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"Phil Sheppard is a multi-talented young cartoonist, writer and stand-up comic for kids, whose chucklingly inventive show features highway superhero Lollipopman triumphing over the Scrapyard villains to make sure children keep crossing the roads in safety.

"Blending a fast-moving Powerpoint presentation of amuzing and colourfully designed cartoons with non-stop jokes and music, he vividly conjures such larger than life characters as the Hypno-Bunny, Fat Cat and the silly dinner ladies. Lollipopman zooms around in yellow tights to save the world, or at least careless children, in this original-style show dedicated to the Brake road safety charity."

                                                        The Stage

Yorkshire Evening Post, August 2006

"Superhero of the Highway is a thoroughly entertaining show. Phil uses his wonderful characters to great effect and communicates valuable road safety messages in a truly memorable style, which are then reinforced in the follow-up workshops."

Gail Berry, Road Safety Officer - Primary Schools, Leeds City Council

"A gifted cartoonist as well as a livewire storyteller..."

The Scotsman

“Cartoonist Sheppard brings his vibrant illustrations to life with energetic narration to create an absorbing live storybook… Colourful, lively and engaging, the show has enough to keep most children engaged, but if all else fails the free lollipops go down a treat!”

                  Three Weeks (official Edinburgh Fringe magazine)

"This is an enjoyable tale, centred around Pops the lollipop man who lives on P Street, and whose alter-ego is the heroic, pointy-moustached Lollipopman. He’s got his work cut out for him, attempting to foil the machinations of villainous slob, Scrappy Joe, the vindictive Fat Cat and a terrifying rabbit, all of whom are out to cause mayhem on the roads. 

"Phil Sheppard is an engaging performer, and his expressive illustrations fully complement the colourful story. For those who can’t get enough of Lollipopman, there’s a picture book to accompany the show."

                                         The List

Left: Doncaster Free Press, May 2008

"I read the Lollipopman book with great enthusiasm.  The book presents ideas of road safety with great humour and superb illustrations.  I am sure this will be the start of many great things for Lollipopman!"

Tony Merrifield, School Crossing Patrol Service Supervisor, Education Bradford

"Through an action packed road show, important messages about keeping safe on the roads were reinforced in a fun and memorable way.  The workshops that followed the show developed cross curricular links to many other areas of learning and the whole afternoon was an excellent way of raising awareness of the dangers on roads for our children."

Hull Collegiates Primary School (see article on their website)

“The children were talking about it for weeks to come!”

  Nicola Cottier, St Matthews School, Westminster

"His storytelling skills are superb as they are lively, animated and amusing.  Not only that but what he says conveys an important message about road safety... the children were absolutely enthralled and are still raving about it two weeks later...

"Phil gives 50% of book sales to the school. We sold 58 books and £145 was donated to the school."

Cath Lawson, Head Teacher, Hexthorpe Primary School

Left: Doncaster Star, October 2007

"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Lollipopman creator Phil Sheppard with the children's book character he invented in his South Yorkshire studio.

"Phil's creation has been used in schools up and down the country to help teach road safety to youngsters, and now he's working on the second book about the hero..."

“We are thrilled with the fantastic amount Lollipopman has raised for Brake. The money will play a vital part in helping Brake to provide road safety education and support people bereaved and injured by road crashes. The Lollipopman resources are a fun and engaging way of getting crucial road safety messages across to children at an early age.”

Jools Townsend, Head of Education at Brake, the road safety charity

"Using songs, rhymes, countless jokes and silly voices Phil brought to life his cartoon characters displayed on screen to communicate to our children the very important message of road safety.  He had us all laughing in the aisles with his cartoon characters, whilst at the same time, putting over a very important message about being safe.  The follow up workshops helped to reinforce and bring everything together.  I thoroughly recommend him but be prepared for non stop laughing!"
Jan Davies, School Business Manager, Sherwood Park School, Kent

“It is about time these unsung heroes are brought up to date and highlighted.  The Lollipopman superhero should be used country wide in a huge media campaign which would raise awareness and help in recruiting these precious people.  I am so happy I found you!”

Michelle McCormack, School Crossing Patrol Manager, APCOA, London

"Lollipopman is celebrated with bright attractive drawings
and infectious humour.”

 The Times Educational Supplement

 "Very funny!"

The Yorkshire Evening Post

“Destined for public consciousness”

 The Leeds Guide

“The children enjoyed it enormously.  Their laughter was a delight!” 

 Liz Wood, Deputy Head, Windhill School 


"Phil presented his show with incredible enthusiasm and the children were totally captivated throughout. It was a fantastic show that I would recommend to anyone!"

Charlotte Hanna, Marketing Manager, Kwik-Fit Insurance's 'Lollipop Person of the Year'

"This was a wonderful energetic story telling session - full of enthusiasm, excitement and energy which totally engaged pupils and staff. It was a truly enlightening experience which taught children about road safety in a most effective way. Excellent!"

Janice Middleton, Head, Edlington Victoria Primary School, Rotherham

“Humorous characters and story telling are very effective ways to communicate serious messages to children and get them remembered.  As such, The Lollipopman Trilogy has great potential as a tool to promote road safety on a wide scale."

Mark Sadler, Road Safety Officer, Road Safety Leeds

"Sheppard is a whirlwind of witty writing, cartoon illustrations and dynamic comedy performances... So, despite his tubby belly, Lollipopman is really starting to take off!"

'Beyond Leeds' magazine (above)

"I took 3 kids (4, 9, 10) and there were two adults. We all enjoyed this show - and admired the energy of the presenter. In fact, we liked it so much we bought a Lollipopman book. I thought the illustrations were great and enhanced the story-telling, poems and songs. Will definitely go again!"

Audience member review, edfringe.com (for The Comedy Cartoon Story Show)

"Phil's show is entertaining and engaging, keeping the children focussed throughout.  Tons of energy, distinct humour, an impressive range of comedy voices and cartoons - there is plenty there for children of 5+ and even us teachers! Great value for money."

Karen Shenwell, Wath Central Primary School

Sheffield Star, October 2007

"We try to identify ways in which we can inform our specific population about road safety issues - young and old.  Having read 'Lollipopman: Hero of the Highway', this has given us some good ideas as to how to get this message across in an accessible and entertaining manner."

T McMachan, Occupational Health, British Forces

“So far Philip Sheppard has raised over £1000 for Brake with the first ‘Lollipopman’ book, in only a few months – a fantastic feat for an individual supporter.”

Dianne Ferreira, Communications Officer, ‘Brake’


"I am so glad we invited 'Lollipopman' to our library; the show was a great start to the Easter holiday. Gentle with the little kids, bantering with the older ones (and Mums and Dads!), Phil interacted well with the audience. The message of road safety is there but not too obviously and the stories are full of humour. We’re looking forward to his next show!"

Elaine Cadwalader, Doncaster Central Junior Library

“We are using Lollipopman to promote the Junior Road Safety Officer Scheme in Monmouthshire.  The stimulating ideas and images of Lollipopman lend themselves to this purpose as they are intrinsically linked with and part of the Road Safety language.  All schools are involved in Road Safety project work and the image of a character easily recognised by children provides an instant trigger and association with important messages.  The character personifies these messages and helps reinforce them.”

 Carolyn Derosaire BA, DipHE, PGCE, Dip ASM, MIRSO, Road Safety Consultant, Capita Symonds, Cwmbran


Above: Leeds Guide, May 2007

"The Lollipopman show was great.  The children in the audience loved it and we had some very positive feedback from the parents.  Now we can't wait until the next show!"

Alison Cassels, Normanton Library

"When we read the reviews from Phil’s appearance at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival we were sure he would be very well suited to put on a show for the Kwik-Fit Insurance Scottish Lollipop Person of the Year Awards.  We are delighted to invite him to Glasgow … What better way to champion the heroes of our local communities?”

Martin Oliver, Managing Director, Kwik-Fit Insurance

Left: Parking Review
May 08

Lollipopman appeared on BBC Look North Wednesday 14th June 2006!

For Sheppard's one-man show 'The Ever After Cartoon Show' (Edinburgh Fringe 2003):

“Professional quality cartoons and impressive impersonations… Clever gags and wordplay permeate the script…”

 The Edinburgh Guide 

“Sheppard is a talented young man... Not only is he a fantastic cartoonist, but he also wrote, and now acts out, this witty story… A fantastic achievement that is truly enjoyable.”

Edinburgh Fringe 'Three Weeks' magazine

For Sheppard's first stand-up comedy performance for adults:

Excellent debut performance from someone who has all the makings of a comedy star: personality, confidence, wit and top gags. It was great to once again witness at Just Fair Laughs the genesis of a quality act

Tony Vino, founder and compere, JustFairLaughs, Oct 2006