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  NEW!  'Lollipopman and the Rabbit of Doom'

The local children are acting very strangely: crossing the road without looking, walking across backwards, and even doing chicken impressions.

So, it's bumbling superhero Lollipopman to the rescue.

Who is to blame? Can they be stopped? Will Lollipopman make it home in time for tea? Find out in Lollipopman's second thrilling adventure!

This new book, which is suitable for a younger audience than the first Lollipopman book (children of 5+), is available for £5.99.  There is also a Special Road Safety Week Offer!  Visit the LolliShop (click here)

Lollipopman and the Rabbit of Doom contains road safety 'Top Tips' and puzzles throughout the story.

Children can pick up important road safety advice whilst enjoying the humorous plot and comical illustrations...

Right & below:
Road safety tips

                                    Left: Road safety puzzles

Below: More pages from 'Lollipopman and the Rabbit of Doom'

Buy 'Lollipopman and the Rabbit of Doom' for £5.99 from the LolliShop (click here)

ALSO AVAILABLE: 'Lollipopman: Hero of the Highway' - (SORRY! Sold out for now) 

Pops is a cheery old fellow, helping the children of Middletown safely cross the road to school.

But, when no one is looking, Pops becomes Lollipopman - the brilliantly bumbling superhero, saving the world from the accident-causing villains of the road.

Now, it’s up to Lollipopman to save the Middletown children from the local scrapyard owner (below) and his fiendish pet cat, who have a plan to get their filthy hands on a fortune’s worth of scrap metal: by causing as many traffic accidents as possible.

Lured to the scrap yard by dastardly dinnerladies, the T-Bags (below), our hero must do battle with rats, an evil ice-cream van and the scrap yard scoundrels themselves, Scrappy Joe and Fat Cat ...and still make it hope in time for teacakes!

This first Lollipopman story is suitable for older children (age 7+) .  It has 10 short chapters with full-colour illutrations throughout.

Buy 'Lollipopman: Hero of the Highway' for £4.99 from the LolliShop. Click here. (SORRY! Sold out for now) 

                     COMING SOON: 'Lollipopman and the War of the Rats'

Chaos consumes Middletown.  With traffic cones falling from lamp posts, road signs disappearing up trees, and traffic lights flashing like a disco, the roads are more dangerous than ever. 

Lollipopman needs a little help from his friends – the magical road sign folk.

As the Lollipop Trilogy comes to thrilling end, will Lollipopman foil his foes’ plans for good, or will he come to a very sticky end?

Book 3 will be available soon. 

                           Help Get Lollipopman Off The Ground!

Lollipopman needs a little help getting off the ground... and not just because he is a bit chubby!

All three books in the Lollipop Trilogy have been written, but so far only books 1 and 2 are available.  In order to get all three books published, Lollipopman needs your help. 

So, buy a book today - and then tell all your friends. 

Together, we will be able to make sure Lollipopman gets the Green Light!